Jonathan Mendez, Class of 2016

When Jonathan Mendez walked across the stage during CCMC School's 2016 Transition Ceremony, he felt like a "superstar."

"I felt like I was walking on the red carpet. Everyone was looking at me, and I was like, 'wow, I did it.' It's a great school, the staff here is really great with the kids."

Working with CCMC School

"Several years ago, I found myself searching for a different school program that could both accommodate the needs of students with multiple needs and evaluate skill levels, as necessary. It was at that time that I reached out to Mrs. Patricia Gerrity, Principal of the CCMC School, then in the new location in New Britain, CT.

It became clear in the conversation that a varied range of student needs, be they academic, behavioral, sensory integration and/or mental health could be serviced in the new location which had been physically designed with students in mind. That led from one referral to a total of seven students over time.

Each student has unique needs, and I have found the invested staff, from administration, to teaching, to support services, always willing to listen to and adjust their work with the aim of assisting the district students in the development of academic, social and behavioral skills that facilitate healthy community involvement.

The CCMC staff understands their obligation to districts regarding least restrictive environment. Given much targeted investment through developed Individual Education Plans, several of our students are beginning their return to the district for the 2016-17 school year.

As a director, I appreciate the collaborative style that is apparent throughout the CCMC Program. Anytime, I call or email, I receive a quick, yet thoughtful response, with a willingness to consider and act on any stated issues. It is clear to me that the CCMC staff genuinely has the respective student’s best interests as we work with the school program and family toward a positive end resolution.

I appreciate that CCMC School is an available resource when it’s time for an alternative level of programming for a student with educational challenges."

Kathleen M. Raymond

Director of Pupil Services
Tolland Public Schools