Positive Behavior Support

The CCMC School’s approach to behavior support is based upon the provision of a safe, stable, consistent and appropriately structured learning environment which provides emotional support and predictable organization for students.

Behavior plans are developed for each student based upon a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).

Plans are individualized to meet each student’s social, emotional and developmental needs while supporting their classroom functioning.

The School’s Behavioral Support System includes:

  • School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) with teaching, modeling and reinforcement of respectful, responsible, kind and safe behaviors.
  • Positive reinforcement at a classroom level which includes a motivating and developmentally appropriate reinforcement system linked directly to the PBIS School Values.
  • Reinforcing recreational and social activities which are organized and implemented weekly throughout the school, to support social skill development and skill generalization.
  • Classroom-based strategies and activities that emphasize emotional regulation and stress-reducing coping skills.
  • The development and implementation of daily classroom routines which provide structure for regular events, (e.g. morning arrival, transitions, cafeteria use, dismissal, lesson wrap-up).
  • A process for addressing behavioral issues which is structuring, therapeutic and which utilizes problem-solving and reparation strategies while teaching empathy and pro-social behaviors.